Our ecosystem integrates the latest UHF RFID technology to most efficiently real-time track hotel linen assets.

The RFID technology works by reading RFID smart labels attached to the linens, allowing them to be automatically identified, counted, tracked and traced. We have developed a closed loop, comprised of 2 separate but connected cycles: soiled and clean.

Each cycle implies 4 reading points. For each reading point there is a corresponding status. So every time during the service cycle a linen item changes hands it is recorded by our high performance UHF RFID readers and the information is synchronized in our cloud platform and pushed to the next reader resulting in the first end-2-end track & trace system for hotel linen.

Our virtual asset management ecosystem consists of:

Management Information System

RFID smart labels

RFID readers (Mobile or Fixed)


Tagged with RFID UHF smart labels, each linen asset is scanned and monitored by revolutionary RFID UHF readersat various reading points throughout our service cycle, which comprises of a soiled and clean section. Each section implies 4 reading points, every time linen changes hands. For each reading point there is a corresponding status.

Every time a tag is detected, it changes status. Our cloud-based management information platform FIDESrecords every status change and passes it on to the next reading point. The subsequent readings are consolidated by aggregation. Finally FIDES combines the information in a handful of actionable reports.